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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Press Release - IDS Menus Launches Energy Efficient Drive-Thru Menu Boards

IDS Menus Launches The First Green
Energy Efficient Drive-Thru Menu Board System

Drive Thru Communications

Holbrook, NY—IDS Menus®, a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor and digital menu boards, announces the launching of their new Green Series Drive-Thru Menu Board System. This is the only drive-thru menu board system using energy saving LED technology.

Dean Edelman, President of IDS Menus, explains. “We have designed a system that uses 80% to 90% less electrical consumption and is still brighter than our existing Drive-Thru Systems. The lighting on these systems will last for approximately 12 years. They never need a bulb or ballast change. This is a tremendous savings for restaurant operators in maintenance and operating costs. We have also listened to our customers and increased the content viewing area by 45% without impact to the overall display size.”

Rick Kranz, CEO of IDS Menus, explains how it will impact the market place. “This is game changing technology for us. We expect to capture an even larger share of the drive-thru market with this product line. The key to this is the price point. Our engineering team was able to design a system that is at or below the price of non-LED systems. The amount of money large chains will save on electrical and maintenance costs is very significant. We are currently working with a large national chain on retrofitting their stores. Now that this product is available, it just does not make sense that a restaurant owner would want to purchase any other drive-thru, unless they have money to burn and just don’t care about the environment.”


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Monday, December 7, 2009

Chalk Menu Boards - Only $95

Today we introduced a new line of wet erase menu boards that are attractive and economical. Each menu panel measures 22.5" wide by 35" high. They are made from 1/2" heavy composite material and come complete with hanging hardware. These menu boards come in 5 different styles, and cost only $95 each.

They are available for purchase at our web store.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Affordable Menu Boards

Last week at IDS Menus we launched the E Series Menu Board System. The E Series is an elegant and economical solution for restaurant owners in need of a large menu board system.

The E Series Menu Boards are 1/3 the cost of comparable menu boards. This represents a huge savings to restaurant owners.

These menu boards include – layout design, food images, strips, digit kit, and hanging hardware. You also have the choice of using full graphics instead of the strips and digits.

The E Series comes with our 2 year replacement warranty and our 60 day money back guarantee. The E series is available for purchase online only. To view our systems click here.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurant Menu Boards

People ask us, “What type of menu board system should I purchase?”… “Should I buy backlit or magnetic menu boards?” …”How much should I spend on my menu boards?” …”What is the difference between menu board systems?”

We created this brief video to explain how our menu boards work and how much they cost. We hope this gives you a better understanding of what is available in menu boards.

Watch this video to learn about the features and benefits of our Menu Board Systems.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Questions To Ask Your Drive Thru Menu Board Supplier

  • Are they a one-stop-shop? Do they also supply Drive-Thru Headset Communications, Vehicle Detectors, and Timer Systems with a certified and qualified install team?

    IDS Menus offers the latest in one-stop drive-thru menu board shopping saving you time and money! We are a Panasonic partner offering the lowest price for head-set systems, combined with a speaker and microphone. Our drive-thru menu board is designed for maximum sound and clarity…we will build the speaker and microphone right in the base of the drive-thru menu board saving you money on an exterior speaker post.

    We offer vehicle detectors that are intelligent, extremely flexible and very affordable. Our detectors are designed to accommodate numerous applications and intelligently adjust to environmental conditions, virtually eliminating false detection. They easily interface to the Panasonic head-set unit.

    We offer timer systems that monitor and increase car counts and track total drive-thru menu board times. Easy to use, staff friendly, console displays complete drive-thru menu board status for convenient monitoring without pushing any buttons.

    We have install coverage across the US. Our team is certified in Panasonic, Vehicle Detectors, and Timer Systems. We host the added benefit of standing behind our products. Should any warranty or replacement items become necessary, you only need to call one company…IDS Menus!

  • What is the drive-thru menu board made of?

    IDS Menus manufactures and produces a solid welded 18 gauge steel drive-thru menu board. This gives you a system that will stay looking new a very long time. Many drive-thru manufacturers work with extruded aluminum that is screwed together to form a box. This leaves gaps for the weather to enter, and these structures dent very easily.

  • How does the menu board carrier system work?

    IDS Menus has a carrier system that swivels out to meet you using slide-in graphics. It makes changing graphics a breeze!

  • Is the drive-thru menu board hurricane tested and certified?

    IDS Menus drive-thru menu board is hurricane resistant up to 160mph winds.

  • Does the drive-thru have multiple color options at no additional charge?

    IDS Menus offers over 30 colors with no add-on cost. We can even create a two-tone color scheme on your drive-thru menu board at no additional cost.

  • Does the supplier have food service experience and can they design your drive-thru menu board to increase throughput?

    IDS Menus offers a team with food service experience. Our sales representatives come from the food service industry. We understand your business designing and highlighting combos and best-sellers to assist customers in quick and easy ordering, as well as, an increased check average.


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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pictures, I Wan't To Be In Pictures

Having expertise in Menu Board graphic design, We have found that menus that have the most type have the least success

People never like to read a lot of copy, It all looks the same, and all the words blend in..

We design Menu Boards that have the most impact, Look compelling and the "I've Got To Have That" feel.

Our graphics department is very imaginative, and not afraid to express themselves to get there clients the best results.

Looking at our graphics:

"The Ribs" look like you can just grab one,"Watch Your Shirt"

The "Frappachino" looks ice cold-"Don't get brain freeze"

The "Burgers" are hot and steaming, and the fries are Sizzling "How About a Milkshake"

GET THE PICTURE - You Can Now See Those Item's

We have the most up to date photos, Not something you saw back at the neighborhood Drive-In Movie Theater 35 years ago.

The trick is Graphics-Graphics-Graphics..............

People buy what they see, not what they read

Post on your menus what you do best.

In my restaurant experience listening to patrons that are on line, in restaurants with little to no pictures, All you here is


Stop the insanity Use the most graphics you can. Help people make there own choices, Show them what they are going to get. Them let them use that on-line time to order that Mouth watering desert or inviting desert drink.

Go to and go to graphics section, and examples section, and see what you could be using RIGHT NOW!.


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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Evolution of the Menu Board?

Do I Want Front Lit, or Back Lit Menu Boards?

In the beginning,

The old school of thought was to go with the masses, and use back-lit menu boards


Because Everybody uses them.....That's all that's available....... That's Why!

When I started designing menu boards, I did not want to be a "Me-To" company, designing and copying what everyone else was doing.

I did my research, and asked the user's of these old dinosaurs what they liked, and didn't like about what they were using. I called, visited, and documented hundreds of those users, and came up with many common frustrations they all experienced.

Here are some of those comments:

1- Menus look dark and unreadable when the bulbs go out
2- Dust collects everywhere
3- Menu Boards don't look clean and graphics don't look fresh
4- Menu copy has changed, now all copy colors don't match
5- The clear cover glass is not clear anymore
6- The white glass turned brittle and yellow
7- My graphics faded, and you can't make out the picture any more
8- I don't have a outlet for all of my menu boards, all you see is unsightly extension cords
9- The plastic boards are cracking, or the laminate is peeling
10- Tracks are coming loose, and all you see is light leaking around all the price tiles and photos


I took all the negatives, and Turned them into positives

Our menu board systems had to be made with something that would not break, last forever, and never look bad or aged.

Answer- I decided to use Sculpted Stainless Steel

Our menu board systems had to made with no tracks

Answer- I consulted with 3M and we developed the first Magnetic based Menu Boards

Our menu board graphics can't fade

Answer- We developed highly saturated color rich graphics that were printed on high contrast film, and then laminated with a non-glare heavy weight acrylic cover and finally bonded with a newly developed magnet material.

The menu boards had to be easy to Maintain and Install:

Answer- Our menu board system was designed so you can install 1 to 100 panels in a row and all look good and perfect. We use Stainless wall brackets, Easy to install. Each bracket holds 2 parallel brushed aluminum pipes that quickly connect.

The menu boards clip onto these parallel tubes in seconds, and are secured with our patented Sure-Lock so they can't come off unless you want them to. It is easy to add or subtract boards anytime you wish.

Lighting these boards is simple and elegant. We offer a low voltage lighting assembly that is attached to each board utilizing MR16 low voltage, Low power lighting technology or you can go to your favorite lighting or home store and get your choice of track lighting that matches your decor.

Years later whenever I visit a client's location, Our menu systems all look like the day we shipped them - clean and the graphics still look bright!!


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